Why Chowey?
Chowey is the name and Change is the game. The name Chowey came from my little brother. He couldn’t fully pronounce my name and Chowey was as close as he could get. Growing up it became a nickname, and was finally immortalized as my AOL instant messenger screen, Choweyisme. I like the name, and it sounds good so I am rolling with it for this blog!

Why Change?
Why not? For me change is my life in one way or another. In my personal life I work to change by growing and developing. In my professional life I work to create change in the world through education, community service and advocacy. Creating change encompasses A LOT and I hope to explore all of it here, on the blog!
Wait, I still don’t understand …
Still confused? Here are some of the main topics I hope to address in the blog. Please note, they are all over the place, but so am I:
  • Healthy living/self care
  • Exploring new foods
  • spirituality
  • work/life balance
  • Relationships - romantic and otherwise
  • Getting married, and wedding-ed
  • Cooking
  • Running and training for races
  • public policy – federal, state, local
  • elections – see above
  • advocacy, activist
  • The inspiring work of young people
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Equality
  • civil liberties
  • Women’s Health
  • Public Health
  • Community Development
  • Civic Engagement
To understand my process for determining the purpose of the blog, check this.