Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weiner resignation represents culture around sex

I am upset Representative Anthony Weiner resigned.

How can congress demand he resign, but not expect the same from others who did similar, if not worse, things. Yes I’m looking at your David Vitter. Rep. Weiner also was a strong progressive voice. He spoke up on issues I care deeply about, when others would not.

What upsets me the most about the Weiner resignation is that is demonstrates the inability of US culture to accept the ways in which people use their bodies and express themselves sexually.

He sent pictures of his body to other people and also had sexual conversations with them. This behavior disgusted people around the country. My question is, what’s the problem? His interactions were consensual and surely uncommon. 

These were extramarital exchanges, but I argue that was not what really bothered people. What bothered them was that he was expressing his body and his sexuality in a way that is not accepted in mainstream culture.

This is why the resignation is bad. The same culture force that ousted Wiener is the same force that tells women if they dress a certain way they should expect to be assaulted, and that only heterosexual relationship warrant marriage.

This is the force I face every day advocating for access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services and effective sexual health education. The Weiner resignation represents that again the US let our inability to accept people and their sexual expression get in the way of good public policies, and politicians that stand up for them.

Excellent coverage from Rachel Maddow:

Rachel Maddow Show

A reminder of the voice that will be gone without Rep. Weiner.

Anthony Weiner during healthcare debates


  1. It is a shame people have to answer these questions publicly. This issue should be between his wife and himself. I don't want my personal life to be evaluated by everyone. Imagine how many people would be forced to quit with the right text message or picture taken...

    However, he should not have lied. Lying to the public is never acceptable.


  2. I agree lying to the public is wrong, but honestly I would rather a politician lie about his personal life, than strip health care from families. To me the later is more immoral.