Monday, February 14, 2011

Sex Education Review: How to PROPERLY use a condom

As a sexual health educator, I feel I should bring information to the masses!

I thought a great first place to talk would be condoms. It is Condom Week this week, and with Valentine’s Day this topic seems timely.

Condoms have been around, relatively, a long time. They are the only method of contraception that can be used by men, and are incredibly effective in preventing pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. That is, if they are used CORRECTLY!

You might say to yourself, it’s a condom Ashley, how hard could it be? It can actually be really hard, pun intended.

Many people never see a formal demonstration by a health educator on how to use a condom. Instead they learn from movies, TV, friends, or gasp, porn. Those are not reliable sources.

Instead of going through the steps, let this man with a pleasing accent do it! Thank you Planned Parenthood for posting this video!

Planned Parenthood: How to use a condom

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