Saturday, December 18, 2010

Junk in the trunk

Today was a roller coaster of emotions. Around noon we picked up the truck and began packing. Here you can see me doing my best Vanna White to show off the many things we donated to Goodwill.


Kevin, our trusted driver, here taking one of our many trips to Goodwill.


Goodwill is an amazing organization and does a lot more than just manage the retail stores. I HIGHLY recommend volunteering with this organization! They go great work to ensure all people are able to live independently. Check them out here.


Soon our mood took a sudden turn for the worst. While packing, we had to make some hard decisions. Our truck was getting full and we just couldn’t take everything.

That is when we both looked at the tandem. Its so big, and hard to move and we have no place to keep it now. We both knew what we had to do, but neither of were happy.

DSCF3381 DSCF3380

We took it over to play it again sports and sold it. My face really explains the mood of the moment.

sad sad day … GOOD BYE TANDEM! You will never be forgotten

After all the packing we finally decided we could not get everything done tonight AND unload in Cleveland as well today. We decided to call it a night and go see the Black Swan.


It was CRAZY! Check it out sometime this holiday, but be ready to have your mind messed with to the extreme!

Since the bed is already in the truck, Kevin and I created out own hibernation nest. You might ask, what is a hibernation nest. Well, as I mentioned before, we were worried about hedgehogs strange new burrowing in his bedding.

Turns out, when hedgies get cold, they start to hibernate. When they go into hibernation mood, they create nests! We decided to use Sand’s message and create our own nest!


And now, your moment of zen:

The crazy pony comes ALIVE

Lots to do tomorrow, night!

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