Sunday, December 12, 2010

The packing begins!

After piling all my belongings in the living room I decided it was about time I left home. First I went and got some boxes from Staples, and then headed to campus to do some printing/work. This is what I found.

 372234a7b903__1292192092000 snow2 

Sh! Ohio State is sleeping! All the student are gone, and the snow cover added another layer of quite to the place. I headed to the PHIL lab, for one of the last times ever! It still feels strange that I am done with classes.

3b522df034e2__1292192177000 phillab2

When I was finished printing (and talking to Amanda) I started my packing! I went from this (left) to this (right)!

DSCF3332 DSCF3341 

Ok it doesn’t look like a lot is done, but trust me, for just a few minutes I really made a dent. Also note, among the packing boxes is a box full of condoms. Typical Ashley.

DSCF3342 DSCF3344     

Look who helped! Beanie hedgie and Totoro were really the ones in charge here. Totoro also happens to be Kevin’s biggest fan.


To top of my day I got in my 2 mile run, bringing me to 13 miles total. Oh my god, that is only HALF of a marathon. Oh well, that is what training is all about, building that mileage base!


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