Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Day

What a day! I woke up around 6am to start my LAST day of work! I spent most of the day in basically Kentucky/West Virginia Southeastern Ohio checking posters. It was long, cold and terrible, as usual. I just felt so tired by midday.


Then, when I got back to the office at 4:30 I realized, oh my god, this is my LAST DAY! From then on it was all adrenaline baby! I got my last bit of paper work completed and I was outta there!

Good bye work! You were an interesting learning experience, thank you and good bye!


While I have been working my little heart out, Kevin has been doing a great job packing/cleaning. Just look at the cleaning job he did on this bathroom. It is amazing, I didn’t know he had such mad Mr. Clean skills.

DSCF3355 DSCF3356

Kevin v. Mr. Clean

DSCF3367 mr-clean

(Mr. Clean source)

Yup, I’ll still take the fluffy one. On an unrelated note, the picture above is form the most disappointing Costco trips ever. What a retail FAIL on their part.

All in all, packing has been coming along smoothly. Things are getting done.


And other things haven’t gotten done.


Our plan is to get the truck tomorrow and start packing up. As of now we aren’t sure if we are driving up Saturday or Sunday. I am taking it one step at a time, and taking the night easy/resting.

All I know is, I am done! For the first time since school ended I finally feel DONE. I have completed my job, am starting a new one Monday, and am 75% ready to move! This is how I feel:


Now you might ask yourself, Ashley what is that hairy growth coming out of your head? Well, when one is truly relaxing, one puts their bangs in a pointy tail, making it appear as if your head is sprouting a small hairy tree, or a tail. Either would be interesting.


Weird pony tails is how I let loose. I eat Mexican food too, and maybe have a beer, or two. Don’t worry I still think most beer taste like socks, but this is blueberry flavored! Doe that even count as beer anymore?


Alright, bed time for me, and early to rise for these things tomorrow:

  • Truck
  • Packing
  • 4 mile run (wait, what?)

Oh my, what a day!

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