Thursday, December 16, 2010

Picking up the pace

I just had a great work out! I ran, and I ran fast! Who would have thought running fast could be, dare I say it, fun?!

For me, running has been a leisurely thing. Even when I was training for a half marathon, my runs consisted of me just going out and running. There were no speed training, tempo runs, or anything like that, instead just me trotting along. I never pushed myself, for the fear that putting to much pressure on myself would take the fun out of running.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes my body wants a nice slow chill run, usually with a little Ben Folds or Weezer in the background. I realized today though, sometimes the body wants speed, too!


I am going to give myself a mini goal during this training season to add a little speed work into my training. When I say speed work, I use the term quite loosely. At the most I might through in some intervals or fartleks.

Ha, fatleks.

Anyways, I am excited to add this new aspect to my training. Besides it giving me an added challenge during training, it also keeps things from getting boring. Especially when running inside, its nice to break up a run into intervals. Sometimes 3 miles on a treadmill can feel like you are running across the whole United States.

Forest Gump, he did not run on treadmills.

Anyways, its late and I have my LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW.


So excited!

Also, here is your moment of Zen:


Late addition – here is a great post from one of my favorite blogging runners on getting faster.

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